Aligns the school counseling program with the school objective. It provides data for school improvement and promotes students’ success. Provide a proactive School Counseling program addressing students’ needs and enhancing the school climate. This program involves a 360 Approach towards the school by connecting it with –Students, Parents, Educators, and School management.
The following benefits for schools to integrate the counseling program with the school environment or school program:
I. Helps in achieving the school’s ultimate objectives.
II. Monitors data for school improvement.
III. Support the school administration in retaining the students and lessening the student admission burden.
IV. Provide solutions to students’ problems related to their Careers, Behavior & Attitude, and Mental stress.
V. It helps bridge the gap between students and the school administration since they can guide their problems through a proper counseling channel in the office.
VI. Enhanced school climate allows students to talk to teachers about various experiences or problems they cannot share with their parents.

Our Programs


Assessing Student Interest Area


Assessment and understanding students’ Interests, Personalities, Behavior & Attitude, Strengths, Weaknesses, learning style, and aptitudes enable building a reliable student profile and customizing career planning.
Discover the ultimate career goal.
Make them prepare according to their career choice.


Stream & Subject Selection


Get counseled by professional & expert counselors regarding the right stream & subject selection.
Discover the student’s stream and subject through various assessments and tests and align them with their career roadmap. Solve their career confusion and guide them towards an ideal path or step ahead of their career.


Career selection & planning

CLASS 11 TO 12

Discover the Perfect Career per your interest, strengths & abilities and get professional career counseling with proper planning to reach your career goal. The professional counselor provides a roadmap to go toward your targeted career aim.
Make students mentally ready to move their journey towards the college which will be best fit for their further career.

5 Stages of Career Planning

1. Research Based Presentation by Students

This stage focuses on the student’s exploration or Brain storming to understand their knowledge about their career options. Students must give a presentation regarding their career choice, interest area, professional life, preparation and steps required towards their career goals, and approaches to excel in their field of interest.
This step can be a basis for our experts to plan students’ careers correctly and guide them accordingly.

2. Various Tests

Students need clarification on what they want to do, their strengths, which best skills they possess, and in which field they have an interest or passion. To answer all these questions, our experts assess each student using tests like Interest, Personality, Aptitude, and the like.

Advanced Assessment

Gain a detailed understanding of yourself to get the best-fit career or stream recommendations, with personalized development plans to help you improve.

Guidance from Experts

Our advanced assessment, developed through extensive research by India's leading psychometricians, ensures the accuracy and validity of results.

3. Lectures by Field Professionals

To give the students a better idea about their respective different career fields. We provide them a platform to interact with professionals in various fields to share their overall journey and experience towards their career aim. It will aid students in better understanding the practicalities of the career of their choice, boost their confidence, and guide them in a better way to achieve success.

4. Roadmap For Students

Experts will develop the roadmap for the students toward their targeted career aim, enabling them to take the right path forward in their respective career fields. In each stage of the roadmap, our experts will support students, which will help them to be more confident, enhance their skills, get more knowledge, and keep them up-to-date about their prospective careers.

Extensive Support

Excel in your chosen career or stream and plan through comprehensive and well-researched resources on the world of employment, including an exhaustive career library, expert-written articles, regular notifications, career e-guides, entrance exam calendars, resume preparation, and more.

Our Reach

We are associated with the group of schools in different four states – Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh.

5. Career Fair

We provide the platform for students to take off towards their careers with the help of a “Career Fair” program. It is a fantastic platform to meet a pool of colleges & universities from across India and expose students to choose the right course and universities.

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